120 Seadrift

Ecological Project Design

  • Existing structure with excellent southern exposure.

Mindful Materials Handling

  • Recycling
    • Cardboard, metal, paper and wood were recycled during project construction.
    • Saw dust was composted.
  • Reusing
    • Exterior decking removed and reused at Overlook Drive.
    • Existing mahogany trim and paneling removed for future use.
    • Existing exterior lighting removed for repair and reuse.
    • Re maining construction materials diverted from waste stream for future use.
  • Salvaging
    • Salvaged lumber used for new patio fence posts.
    • Salvaged beams used in guest cabin additions.
    • Sand excavated from site used as fill for other project.

Sustainable Materials Integration

  • 85% of framing lumber was FSC-certified.
  • Installation of bamboo and cork flooring in new living areas.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Roof-top 4.5 KW PV solar electric system installed.
  • Roof-top solar hot water boost system installed for pool heating and domestic hot water supply.
  • Rigid foam insulation installed below new roofing for additional R-value.

Healthy Interiors

  • UltraTouch cotton insulation used throughout home.
  • Low-VOC adhesives.
  • Low-VOC paint used on drywall.
  • Low-VOC finish used on bamboo flooring.

Resource Conservation

  • Locally-milled lumber used for siding and fencing to reduce transportation costs.
  • Dual-flush toilets replaced existing fixtures.
  • Low-water landscaping installed.


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