Houses come to life under our skilled builders' hands.
By aligning our respect for materials with your project parameters, limits cease to be limits, becoming instead the elegant expression of a building's true nature.

At Vida Building Systems, we are grounded in respect for all the ways a building can express both beauty and sustainability. Our building process forges creativity and sensitivity to give rise to a house that is suited to your needs.

Style and Approach

From Mid-Century Modern to Victorian, Vida Building Systems brings your vision to life. We take time to listen to your true needs and are committed to excellent results. We incorporate green practices whenever possible.

Team of Experts

Our relationships with an array of building professionals enable us to complete your project with care and pride, on schedule and within budget.

Geographic Service Area

We work throughout the entire Bay Area. Our geographic service area includes San Francisco, the East Bay, Marin, and Sonoma.

Scope of Services

You desire a home environment crafted with care. We deliver beautiful and sustainable results for...

  • Whole-House Renovations
  • New Construction
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Additions
  • Green Technology:
    Solar PV Systems, Radiant Heating,
    Whole House Air Filters, etc.
  • Exterior Spaces

Sustainable Building

Vida Building Systems strives to reduce the environmental impact of our business by:

  • Encouraging ecological design principles.
  • Sourcing healthy options for paints, solvents, flooring and much more.
  • Incorporating environmentally-sound products like cotton insulation.
  • Recycling, reusing or salvaging materials like wood, metal, wiring, fixtures, cabinetry, and hardware.

Call us at (415) 868-8881 to discuss your next project.