Cove Road

Ecological Project Design

  • Existing structure was oriented to utilize good southwestern exposure.
  • Demolition of existing structure was minimal.
  • Existing masonry walls were exposed in many areas of home and used both as structural and finished walls.

Mindful Materials Handling

  • Recycling
    • Cardboard, metal, paper and wood were recycled during project construction.
  • Reusing
    • Interior finish items (cabinetry, electrical and plumbing fixtures, towel bars) were donated to Building REsources.
    • Exterior doors, windows and hardware were donated to Building REsources for reuse.
    • Existing carpeting was reused in Silva's Bedouin tents at Burning Man.
    • Foundation forms were reused at another project for framing and concrete forms.
  • Salvaging
    • Exterior redwood was salvaged for other projects.
    • Existing patio slab was broken up and reused at the Cunha Residence.

Sustainable Materials Integration

  • Foundation concrete contained 30% fly ash content.
  • Structural support beams were salvaged Douglas fir.
  • Remaining framing lumber was FSC-certified.
  • Many posts were salvaged Douglas fir from wine cask supports.
  • All exterior window and door trim was a mixture of salvaged redwood from red wine casks and FSC-certified lumber.
  • New fascia material (2" x 12") was salvaged from red wine casks.
  • Interior trim was a mixture of salvaged redwood and FSC-certified material.
  • Bamboo flooring used throughout home; bamboo counter in garage.
  • Master bath cabinetry (solid stock) and window trim made from salvaged eucalyptus with water-based low-VOC finish.
  • Front fencing built with FSC-certified Ipe (sourced from Hayward Lumber; finished with Bioshield natural finish).
  • Bedrooms carpeted with Interface Flooring carpet squares.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Roof-top 5 KW solar electric system installed.
  • New super-insulated roof structure (R-30 plus R-11 radiant foil barrier) was built above the living room area.
  • Super-insulated area created above garage and workroom using rigid R-30 and R-14 cotton batts.
  • New windows and doors installed with insulated glazing and low-e coatings.
  • Adjustable solar shades installed to reduce direct solar gain as needed.
  • New radiant heat system with gyp-crete slab installed.

Healthy Interiors

  • UltraTouch cotton insulation used throughout home.
  • Low-VOC construction adhesives.
  • Interior paints were mainly low-VOC (Benjamin Moore Eco Spec®)
  • Garage floor slab was colored and sealed with Bioshield natural stain.

Resource Conservation

  • Existing exterior siding and trim was left as intact as possible.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances installed.
  • Low-water plants in garden and planters.


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