Overlook Drive

Ecological Project Design

  • Structure was oriented to utilize good southwestern exposure.
  • Passive solar home design with clear glazing on south-facing windows, concrete slab for mass and deep-roof overhangs for summer shading.
  • Permaculture elements designed into landscape areas.

Mindful Materials Handling

  • Recycling
    • Cardboard, metal, paper and wood were recycled during project construction.
    • Saw dust was composted on site.
  • Reusing
    • Salvaged metal used for decorative trim and stair rail to second floor.
    • Excavation spoils were reused on site for landscaping fill.

Sustainable Materials Integration

  • Foundation concrete contained 35% fly ash content.
  • Salvaged material used extensively for framing and finished beam material.
  • Remaining portion of framing lumber was FSC-certified.
  • All exterior redwood trim and fascia material was salvaged from red wine casks.
  • All interior trim was douglas fir salvaged from bases of red wine casks.
  • Salvaged "Australian Chestnut" flooring from EcoTimber used in bedrooms.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Roof set up for future 4 KW PV solar electric system.
  • High-efficiency hot water radiant system installed.
  • Spray-foam insulation used at exterior envelope.

Healthy Interiors

  • UltraTouch cotton insulation used in interior walls.
  • Low-VOC construction adhesives.
  • Low- and zero-VOC paint used at interior walls.
  • Low-VOC OSMO finishes and lime paints used at interior woodwork.

Resource Conservation

  • Locally-milled lumber used for siding to reduce transportation costs.
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Asko front-loading washing machine
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Low-water native plants
  • Landscape water management system and use of natural contours for water run off in garden areas.


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